• Purchased gift vouchers do not have an expiry date.
    • Complimentary coupons or vouchers issued by Alex&Me will expire.
    • Gift vouchers can be used storewide. For use on the website use only, no custom orders.
    • Shipping amounts can also be paid for using voucher amount.
    • Gift amount does not need to be spent all at once. IE Voucher amount can be spent across multiple transactions.
    • To use your gift voucher please enter the code provided on your gift certificate on the cart or checkout page.
    • Please ensure you apply your voucher prior to purchase. We are unable to manually apply voucher amounts after a purchase has been made.
    • All other standard store terms and conditions also apply. Available here: https://alexandme.com.au/privacy-security/

If you have any questions about your gift voucher, just ask!