Fabric Wall Decal Information

The adhesive is re-movable, re-usable and re-positionable.

It can stick to virtually any painted surface (in all weather and room temperature changes), and can be easily removed with a 99% guarantee the surface will be residue free. The material does not rip or wrinkle and is not required to be removed after a certain period of time. 

**Retain backing sheet for storage! Decals can be removed off the wall and placed back onto the backing sheet for storage or transport.**

Not recommended for brick, non-painted cement surfaces, or heavy painted spackled wall board.
Make sure you allow 30-days on newly painted surfaces for out-gassing (to prevent bubbling). Results will vary on stucco and eggshell painted surfaces.

Consider your paint type! The current trend in interior paints are for them to be washable/easy-clean paints (eg Wash & Wear, EasyClean, Endure etc.) These paints contain barrier technology using chemicals such as Silicone, Latex or Teflon which are designed to repel dirt and grime. However please bear in mind this also means they may repel adhesives as well. Please get in touch if you would like to organise a sample for testing.

FIRE RATING: All decals are Class I or A: ESTM 84, NFPA 101, 500 and international code 803.1.1 fire rated